The Post…of EVERYTHING! #1

icon-6025403x So much to say, I’m creating a new segment. Introducing…The Posts…of EVERYTHING!

Let’s start this up! I have information about my App Icon Contest, App Updates, PopTRAPica, blog changes, and everything else.

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Sneak Peaks, Petitions, and More

Me lazy. Me reblog.

Tall Cactus' Poptropica Blog

Hello fellow Poptropicans! It’s Tall Cactus, and I have some news to share.

First of all, there might be a Valentine’s Day update. I don’t know for sure, but the latest sneak peaks seem to show this. I wanted to put the sneak peaks right here, but my computer is being annoying today. Sorry. But, for now you can just look them up on Poptropica.

Also, happy Early Spring! Thanks to Phil the groundhog. And get ready for the Super Bowl! Yes, I know these have nothing to do with Poptropica, but the Creators did post and tweet about them. And there’s nothing else to talk about. Well, except for this-

You might have seen the Petitions page on this blog. It’s basically where I make Poptropica petitions you guys can sign. If you did, you know one of them was about having a second Create Your Own Dream Island…

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Island Review: Jail Break Island

Wow. I have a lot of drafts. For this blog, I have a PopTRAPica page, an interview, and one other thing-all in drafts. Well, it’s about time I post something.

From time to time when I have time, I’ll post my opinion on certain Poptropica island in no specific order. Well, today, the time has come!

For my review on Jail Break (better known as Escape From Pelican Rock) Island, look under the cut!


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App Icon Contest!

This contest is currently closed.

Attention all graphic designers and artists. The time has come.

I am happy to announce the first ever contest on this blog!

Here’s the deal. I’m creating an app using an Android app platform. Not a big deal. With the app, you’ll be taken to a page with eight different Poptropica blogs. Just click on the blog and be taken to the site! There will also be a Reader Mode. I call it, Just Poptropica® Blogs.

As for the contest, here are the rules:

#1: All submissions must be 512×512 pixels, or else they will be disqualified.

#2: Your work must be original. No stealing, borrowing, or copying of any kind, or else the submission will be disqualified.

#3: All submissions must be sent to my email, which is

#4: Has to be related to the app. A dragon wouldn’t make sense for a shortcut app, would it? Maybe a pic of a book with Poptropica on it or a Poptropican squished inside of the app design would be cool. As long as it’s related, be creative! For example, the original Poptropica Mobile App icon is notable and related.


#5: The app icon must be submitted by February 27, 2016, the day after Valentine’s Day. The winner will be announced on February 17. The winner will have their app icon official, copyrighted, and have their Poptropican’s name in a page of my PopTRAPica fanfiction. All other submissions will be featured in a blog post.

Good luck my brave Poptropicans! You’re my only hope! Wait a second…

—Mad APPer—

Week of I.H: Quick Post: The Concept of I.H’s Name

*hacker voice* I’m in.

The concept of the name Incognito Horror was to be original and scary. So far, he’s just a dashing salesman that created PopTRAPica. His name had to be two words like all Poptropicans (ex: Mad Apper, Golden Hero, Dr. Hare) but had to be a bit “scary” (ex: Black Widow).

Might as well put Horror in the name, then? Now, something that make people wonder. Incognito works. Horror Incognito is taken, so how about the other way around?

That’s all for now!

—The Mad APPer—

Friday: “Week of I.H: Chapter Two, Page One: Backstory” on this blog!

Sunday: “What the Poptropicans Want #1” on The MEGA Poptropica Blog!

Monday or Tuesday: “App, Ads, App Ads #1” on Explore Collect Compete!