History Lesson: The Future?!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday Mad Apper! Happy birthday to me!

My birthday is basically the reason  of this post. November 24th is my birthday, so in this post let’s talk about… the future!

Settle down, students. Today we will be talking about the future. Yes, this is history class, but the future will eventually become history. *writes “the future of The Poptropica App Blog” on the board*

Let’s get this started! Let’s go to the future!

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History Lesson: The Pop App Over Time

First-Version-Poptropica-App Hey fellow Poptropicans! It’s The Mad Apper! Who’d you expect, Slippery Raptor?

Anyway, there are different types of posts on this blog. There are occasional posts about updates, rants, island reviews, and the rare guest posts. Introducing the newest type of post on this blog, something I like to call Poptropica history lessons.

*writes “POPTROPICA APP GROWTH” on chalkboard* Let’s get started! Today’s lesson is about the growth of the Poptropica App over time.
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