PopTRAPica: Chapter 2, Page 3

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Ah, yes…PopTRAPica. Remember that? A simple fan fic of mine…


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Week of I.H: Quick Post: The Concept of I.H’s Name

*hacker voice* I’m in.

The concept of the name Incognito Horror was to be original and scary. So far, he’s just a dashing salesman that created PopTRAPica. His name had to be two words like all Poptropicans (ex: Mad Apper, Golden Hero, Dr. Hare) but had to be a bit “scary” (ex: Black Widow).

Might as well put Horror in the name, then? Now, something that make people wonder. Incognito works. Horror Incognito is taken, so how about the other way around?

That’s all for now!

—The Mad APPer—

Friday: “Week of I.H: Chapter Two, Page One: Backstory” on this blog!

Sunday: “What the Poptropicans Want #1” on The MEGA Poptropica Blog!

Monday or Tuesday: “App, Ads, App Ads #1” on Explore Collect Compete!

PopTRAPica: Chapter 1, Page 3

*gasp* It’s The Mad Apper? It’s Mad Apper? It’s M.A? It’s Ian?

Yeah, my real name is Ian. I don’t really care if you call me Ian, Mad Apper, or M.A.

So, sorry I’m late with my PopTRAPica post. Let’s just say I have a lot of drafts saved.

Are you ready for my third page of PopTRAPica? You sure? Did you read the last two pages (goo.gl/3ZAgAe)? You positive? Do you remember who Incognito Horror is? Do you remember that this is all from Dr. Hare’s point of view? If you do, look below the cut!

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PopTRAPica: Page 1

The Mad Apper is here.

Yes, the title makes you want to read this post badly.


  1. It’s all from Dr. Hare’s point of view.
  2. It’s in the form of journal entries and dialogue.
  3. My OC, and a character in PopTRAPica, name’s Incognito Horror.
  4. I don’t write cheesy plots, OK? So none of the characters become “good guys”.

That’s it! For the first page of PopTRAPica, look under the cut!

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