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This blog is a bit dull. Let’s spice it up a bit! Now, creativity goes wild!
What’s next? A MPB magazine? Costumes? Glitches? ASG’s? Nicknames? Polls? Jokes? PopTRAPica? Deviantart? Multiverse Parties? Discord? Something entirely new! Get ready for M.A.G! You’ll regret ever reading boring blogs like this ever again Unlike the PopTRAPica bomb, this is going to be 10× as fun! And no, I haven’t “lost it”!

Coming on 3/14/16…

—Mad APPer—
—The Mad Apper—
APPer out.
That’s all for now!

Get ready, guys. APPer out.

—Mad APPer—


Week of I.H: Quick Post: The Concept of I.H’s Name

*hacker voice* I’m in.

The concept of the name Incognito Horror was to be original and scary. So far, he’s just a dashing salesman that created PopTRAPica. His name had to be two words like all Poptropicans (ex: Mad Apper, Golden Hero, Dr. Hare) but had to be a bit “scary” (ex: Black Widow).

Might as well put Horror in the name, then? Now, something that make people wonder. Incognito works. Horror Incognito is taken, so how about the other way around?

That’s all for now!

—The Mad APPer—

Friday: “Week of I.H: Chapter Two, Page One: Backstory” on this blog!

Sunday: “What the Poptropicans Want #1” on The MEGA Poptropica Blog!

Monday or Tuesday: “App, Ads, App Ads #1” on Explore Collect Compete!

Suggestion Box and A New Island!

OH MY STARS IF IT ISN’T A NEW POST?! Hehe, Steven Universe reference. Episode, “Cry For Help.” Yep, “Gravity Falls” reference last post. For this post, it’s all the SU references. Oh wait, we need to get on topic. Well, if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs. BONUS SU REFERENCE! Now let’s actually get to the topic.

The title of the last post was A Poll, An Excuse, and A Mad Apper. Today’s post is Suggestion Box and A New Island! Find out why by looking under the cut!

Prison Break Island Jail Cell (credit:

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Ten Pop App Blog Facts

It’s *drumroll* the only administrator and author of this blog, The Mad Apper!

Unless you’re not familiar with me. That’s what this post is for. You see, there are more readers of this blog by the hour. When PHB author and reader of The Poptropica App Blog, slantedfish (thanks to her, by the way) mentioned me in a Poptropica Help Blog post, my ten followers became 20-30 followers. Also, this post contains things you may or may not have known, so there’s something for everybody.

To learn about me and this blog, The Poptropica App Blog, look under the cut!

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