Interview: Hanging with the Meme President (UiPE)

Mad Apper in. Hey Poptropicans! Enjoying 2016 so far?

If you don’t recall, I have many segments here on The Poptropica App Blog. One of them is interviews. Last time I interviewed The Mighty Game-ini*, excuse me, Mighty Gamer. For this post, I’ll be lazy and paste exactly what he answered instead of summarizing it. Partially because one of the answers is very interesting.

This time, I’m interviewing The Memer Whose Name Must Never Be Said. Actually, it’s the Meme King. No wait, Meme President.  No, Ultimate iPad Expert. Er…UiPE. I’ll just stick with Paul. Anyway, Whats-Your-Name, for this post, the spotlight’s on you!

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Interview: Chatting with Mighty Gamer

Mad Apper in. How’s the Thanksgiving turkey?

There’s a new type of post/segment here at The Poptropica App Blog. There are island reviews, history lessons, guest posts, PopTRAPica fanfiction (this Friday), rants, and I think that’s it. Well, introducing Pop App Blog Poparazzi, better known as interviews.

It’s simple, really. I email a willing person in the Poptropica community and ask them five questions.

Well, congratulations Mighty Gamer, for this post, the spotlight’s on you! You’re being interviewed on The Poptropica App Blog! Continue reading