Just Poptropica Blogs® on Amazon & Android!

512x512_stretch_photostudio_1456638247001Hey everybody!

The title says it all! My app, Just Poptropica Blogs® is available as a third party app for Amazon & Android devices.

Getting it onto the App Store and Google Play will be a long-term project, though. It could be tomorrow or three years from now.

Also, Tall Cactus is the winner of the App Icon Contest! You get imaginary $1000, bragging rights, your Poptropican’s name mentioned in a PopTRAPica page, and a pencil.

Download it now.

—Mad APPer—



App Icon Contest!

This contest is currently closed.

Attention all graphic designers and artists. The time has come.

I am happy to announce the first ever contest on this blog!

Here’s the deal. I’m creating an app using an Android app platform. Not a big deal. With the app, you’ll be taken to a page with eight different Poptropica blogs. Just click on the blog and be taken to the site! There will also be a Reader Mode. I call it, Just Poptropica® Blogs.

As for the contest, here are the rules:

#1: All submissions must be 512×512 pixels, or else they will be disqualified.

#2: Your work must be original. No stealing, borrowing, or copying of any kind, or else the submission will be disqualified.

#3: All submissions must be sent to my email, which is poptropica.app.blog@gmail.com

#4: Has to be related to the app. A dragon wouldn’t make sense for a shortcut app, would it? Maybe a pic of a book with Poptropica on it or a Poptropican squished inside of the app design would be cool. As long as it’s related, be creative! For example, the original Poptropica Mobile App icon is notable and related.


#5: The app icon must be submitted by February 27, 2016, the day after Valentine’s Day. The winner will be announced on February 17. The winner will have their app icon official, copyrighted, and have their Poptropican’s name in a page of my PopTRAPica fanfiction. All other submissions will be featured in a blog post.

Good luck my brave Poptropicans! You’re my only hope! Wait a second…

—Mad APPer—