Quick Post: Blog Change

Hey everybody! I changed my blog theme…again. I’m experimenting a bit. I’m trying to get the sidebar to be more visible. Well, except on phones, where the footer is the sidebar. Well, that’s it! Oh wait!

My next post will be on Friday. Think Incognito. Now think Horror. Now think Poptropica Fan Fiction. Now think about news about Poptropica Fan Fiction.

—Mad APPer—


Suggestion Box and A New Island!

OH MY STARS IF IT ISN’T A NEW POST?! Hehe, Steven Universe reference. Episode, “Cry For Help.” Yep, “Gravity Falls” reference last post. For this post, it’s all the SU references. Oh wait, we need to get on topic. Well, if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs. BONUS SU REFERENCE! Now let’s actually get to the topic.

The title of the last post was A Poll, An Excuse, and A Mad Apper. Today’s post is Suggestion Box and A New Island! Find out why by looking under the cut!

Prison Break Island Jail Cell (credit: poptropica.com)

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More Major Blog Changes!

It’s The Mad Apper. No, not that Mad Apper. Or that Mad Apper. You know, the dude that plays the Pop App. Has a blog. Does that seem familiar?

Haha. So, you’re probably seeing that this blog looks…different. Something’s quite not right. Is my blog glitching out? Are you losing your mind? The answer is yes, you are losing your mind. This is the regular Poptropica App Blog, and I’m about to give a review for Timmy Failure Island.

JUST KIDDING! You aren’t losing your mind. I just made some more blog changes two things. Want to know what they are? Already know what they are but just want read this post anyway? Waiting for my Timmy Failure Island Review? Too bad. Instead, read below the cut for the two main blog changes.

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Note from The Mad Apper: I’ll make this quick. Just to let you know, I updated this post.

Hey hey fellow Poptropicans!

For the tenth post ever on this blog, let me just say, this blog is growing by the hour. Today, and a few days ago, I changed a few things about this blog. One is fairly obvious, the other two not many notice.

This post is sort of long, so learn about the three blog changes under the cut.

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