Rant: The Pop Creators’ Lies

That moment when you realize I have not once had the same intro in a blog post.

What’s something on this blog I haven’t done in a long time. Hmm…


As always, look under ye cut.

Seriously, creators?!? I was so blind. People are upset about the lack of online game Pop content. What people don’t/didn’t see is that the creators have given 0% new content on everything Poptropica. Here’s a list of the things of what seem to lack new content according to the Pop community.

#1: The Online Poptropica

I’m not surprised. I’m not the first one to rant about this either. Let me quote some fellow people from Discord when I ask the question, “What are your thoughts on the lack of Poptropica content?”

I hate it! Ugh! dis bad for bloggers

-Tall Cactus, Poptropica Fan Blogger

So, it’s horrible. Like..it kills me slowly.

-Popular Wolf, Poptropica Fan Blogger

Dis ain’t good. I think they’re working on making islands SUI.

-Mighty Gamer, Poptropica Fan Blogger

..There’s also the SUI version of Back Lot, which is being worked on.

-idk, Discord User, Poptropica Glitch Expert

Overall, I’m not the only one that thinks this. The closest thing I’ve heard of is “Techno Isand”, which could just be a scrapped idea in the files. where dem islands at

#2: The Poptropica App


The closest thing to their promise (in the photo above) is the “import your look” feature. That’s it. “Sometime in 2015”? It’s 2016. Nothing. I’ve been checking the pop app daily. The only “new content” is Poptropica TV, which turned out to be old videos from their YouTube channel.

#3: The Original Poptropica Comics


Yes, people are all hyped about the comic books. But am I the only one that misses the original? It’s April 2016. The last Poptropicaâ„¢ comic seen on GoComics was in November 2015. What on Earth? Yes, the perfect cliffhanger. Jorge is an Igor. Totally. Best way to end a comic strip.

Overall, this just plain stinks. Bloggers are running out of things to write about. Poptropica is either blind, lazy, or focusing on something else to not see the bigger picture. Agree with me? Disagree? Think I should calm down? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and I hoped you survived my rant. sees follower on the ground unconscious Uh….

For I shall post soon…
Infinity, MA, Ian, or rather….



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