M.A.G: PoptropiBot & PopTRAPica

We’ll meet again…don’t know where…don’t know when…

~Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls, Weirdmageddon III, quoting a song.

Have I ever had the same intro?

Let’s do this.

Let’s start with PoptropiBot!

I’ve used Twitter!BotLibre to make a TwitterBot, pumping out daily funny tweets preloaded by me. I’ve been continuing to update and upgrade him. I call the bot…John. He can only direct message you “Hi! Thanks for following me!” if you follow it, follow you, and tweet every twenty-four hours. However, soon he [the bot] will be able to reply back to tweets and mentions. Maybe in late April. For now, stalk the bot [or rather, me] on Twitter.

Last, but not least, my Poptropica fan fic, PopTRAPica!

Since I miss Gravity Falls, the following news will be in code.

“Rqh RF lv hqrxjk, uljkw?
SrsWUDSlfd zrq’w eh wrr fkhhvb.
Wklv idq ilf zloo qrw euhdn wkh irxuwk zdoo.
Qrwklqj’v fuhhslhu wkdq wkh plqg ri d-ph.
Qr fkdudfwhu hyhu glhv.

Wkh ixqqb wklqj lv, hyhubwklqj frghg…

~Infinity App Nerd


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