M.A.G is here!

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Pi is 3.1415926535…who remembers the rest?

Anyway…it’s time for…


Let’s start off day one with info, and two awful goods!

Costumes & ASGs

Nothing special here, folks. Unless you’re interested in SpaceHareMAG or npc:Hippie, there’s really nothing. On an unrelated note, I’ve learned I stink at making costumes and ASGs.


You remember ‘Week of Incognito Horror’? He was just a teenager who was a Poptropica intern in his backstory. I’ve also hidden a cipher (hint: binary) in the previous page. I also plan to hide more ciphers and Easter Eggs as the story continues. Keep this in handy. The next PopTRAPica bomb will be five days long. Monday’s will finish off Chapter 2. Tuesday through Friday will be the first half of chapter three. Sadly, PopTRAPica will be in a brief hiatus. Hang on to the cliffhanger, guys.

MPB Magazine?

When I had an anonymous survey, and asked for what should come into the future, one participant wrote this:

A magazine, like the PHB’s!

Well, obviously, I couldn’t do it alone. I’ll probably disuss with the other five authors (T-Cacti, The Mighty Game-ini, Alpha Wolf, The Eternal [Small]Fire, and Adventurous Dolphin*)

We’ll discuss when possible. No guarantees, though.

“Just Poptropica® Blogs” app?

Soon on other platforms.

Nickname Generator

All you have to do is interact with me to know I give awesome nicknames, like I did to my fellow MPB authors. It would only take a day to give a list of five possible nicknames/pen names. It depends on how many people want it.

and More!

How about all of you go onto poptropica.com and VOTE BIG NATE ISLAND? Big Nate is a representation of my childhood. Please, guys. Please. Even just once. There’s #RedDragonFTW but not #BigNateFTW?! Please. *gets down on knees* I’m begging you.

Oh yeah, and there’s more to come.

—Mad APPer–

~Infinity App Nerd~


*Tall Cactus = T-Cacti
Brave Dolphin = Adventurous Dolphin
Mighty Gamer = The Mighty Game-ini
Popular Wolf = Alpha Wolf
Small Fire = The Eternal (Small) Fire


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