PopTRAPica: Chapter 2, Page 3

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Ah, yes…PopTRAPica. Remember that? A simple fan fic of mine…


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This blog is a bit dull. Let’s spice it up a bit! Now, creativity goes wild!
What’s next? A MPB magazine? Costumes? Glitches? ASG’s? Nicknames? Polls? Jokes? PopTRAPica? Deviantart? Multiverse Parties? Discord? Something entirely new! Get ready for M.A.G! You’ll regret ever reading boring blogs like this ever again Unlike the PopTRAPica bomb, this is going to be 10× as fun! And no, I haven’t “lost it”!

Coming on 3/14/16…

—Mad APPer—
—The Mad Apper—
APPer out.
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Get ready, guys. APPer out.

—Mad APPer—