Just Poptropica Blogs® on Amazon & Android!

512x512_stretch_photostudio_1456638247001Hey everybody!

The title says it all! My app, Just Poptropica Blogs® is available as a third party app for Amazon & Android devices.

Getting it onto the App Store and Google Play will be a long-term project, though. It could be tomorrow or three years from now.

Also, Tall Cactus is the winner of the App Icon Contest! You get imaginary $1000, bragging rights, your Poptropican’s name mentioned in a PopTRAPica page, and a pencil.

Download it now.

—Mad APPer—



One thought on “Just Poptropica Blogs® on Amazon & Android!

  1. Tall Cactus February 28, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    I can’t believe that I won! Thank you so much, Mad APPer! Unfortunately, I can’t get the app until it comes out for iOS. Hopefully it makes it on the App Store soon.


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