PopTRAPica: Chapter 2, Page 2

It’s Friday! Not Freedom Friday! Not Free Money Friday! Not Find the Path of Fate That Stretches Over the Horizon Friday! For this shortened cliffhanger PopTRAPica page, look under the cut.

Log Date 7152

Dear Diary,

October 31-Halloween

Okay, I’m trapped INSIDE an online game. No need to panic. I’ll just keep asking for help. What about this guy near the ad?

<switch from journal entry to dialogue>

“Excuse me? Could you help? I’m trapped inside of an online game, when really I live as a human on The Planet Earth.”

“Watch this ad to get a cool prize!”

“I don’t care about the ad! Please help me!”

“Watch this ad to get a cool prize!”


*slowly backs away*

<switch from dialogue to journal entry>

November 1

Sigh, I’m beginning to lose hope. Everybody says the same thing over and over! I think there’s a glitch with that Ad Guy. 000-wha?

November 2

I just realized…what if I actually tried to complete this island? Maybe I could catch a blimp to somebody that doesn’t repeat everything. This could take a while, but it’s worth it! The best part is that no Poptropican has the verbal ability to judge me to sleep in a security room.

To be continued…

That’s all for now! Catch my foreshadowing Easter egg? Hate all of my cliffhangers! Love PopTRAPica? Questions? Hate PopTRAPica? Crying about the Gravity Falls finale? Let me know in the comments!

—Mad APPer—


One thought on “PopTRAPica: Chapter 2, Page 2

  1. Tall Cactus February 19, 2016 / 10:17 am

    OK, im starting to feel worried about I.H. If he attempts to beat the island, he’ll have to defeat you-know-who. Especially since he never played it before…he might not be able to do it. And Binary Bard’s dream is kind of tricky at times, too. I could never image playing SVI while stuck in the game. This might be bad. But interesting! I can’t wait!


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