Island Review: Jail Break Island

Wow. I have a lot of drafts. For this blog, I have a PopTRAPica page, an interview, and one other thing-all in drafts. Well, it’s about time I post something.

From time to time when I have time, I’ll post my opinion on certain Poptropica island in no specific order. Well, today, the time has come!

For my review on Jail Break (better known as Escape From Pelican Rock) Island, look under the cut!


I know that Mighty Gamer, the PHB, and Slippery Raptor already said this-but WOW. Food Fight-Booted Bandit-Dummy Head-Jail Break-Liscense Plates-Gum Sticks-Golden Hero-Mad APPer. There are no words. Well, that about summed it up, really.

I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite island, but it still is a magnificent island. The gameplay and storyline! I can’t even comprehend this! Wait, Booted Bandit looks EXACTLY like me. There’s only one Mad APPer, or rather, in the game, Golden Hero.

New islands tend to be glitchy on my end, but that’s just me. A lot of people are happy about this island-and I agree. The only thing wrong with the island is its name. It could’ve been Pelican Rock Island, Rock Island, Pelican Island, Jail Break Island, Escape Island, Prison Break Island, etc. Why Escape From Pelican Rock Island? My mouth’s dry.

Overall Island Grade: A

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Are you excited for the next Poptropica island? Agree with me about the island? Disagree? Excited about the Just Poptropica® Blogs app? Is your mouth dry too? Do you agree that I am THE LORD OF NICKNAMES? Let me know in the comments!

—Mad APPer/Golden Hero/Booted Bandit/LORD OF NICKNAMES—



4 thoughts on “Island Review: Jail Break Island

  1. Mighty Gamer February 1, 2016 / 5:41 am

    I completely agree with you! Personally, I would of preferred the name Jail Break Island.


  2. tallcactus February 1, 2016 / 11:32 am

    Yeah, the name is the worst part. I originally thought it would be called Pelican Rock Island, but then in October, on my birthday, the PHB posted that in the game’s files it was called Prison Break Island. However, I kept calling it Prison/Jail ESCAPE Island. And it turned out to be Escape From Pelican Rock. So I got the name more correct than the PHB. 0_o


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