PopTRAPica: Chapter 2, Page 1: Backstory

Sorry this is late.

Let’s do this!

From the Journal of Incognito Horror

October 7

Wow! I can’t believe that I work for Poptropica! I wonder what they want me to do!  Maybe I can help design an island! Tommorow’s my first day, and I’m going to die of excitement. Me, Dave Henderson, working for Poptropica!

October 8

I’ve assigned to be the assistant of the creator of Shark Guy! It’s sort of boring though, since I’m a guy just fetching coffee and water. Ugh.

October 17

After some days on the job, they promoted me to “Test Poptropican”! I get paid for playing Poptropica islands before they’re out! Although, I don’t get the point of the names. Why do I have to be “Icy Hamburger”? Can’t I be something cool like “Binary Dude” or “Incognito Horror”? Say, that second one doesn’t sound bad…

October 28

I’ve been playing multiple Poptropica islands. I’ve played Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Super Power, etc. Now, they want me to test “Super Villian Island”. Sounds cool.

October 30

If you’re reading this, help! I’m IN the island! I don’t know what happened! I tried to teleport into Dr. Hare’s dream, and I’m in the game! I don’t know how! I keep trying to talk to other Poptropicans, but they keep repeating the same phrase! PLEASE HELP!

To Be Continued…

Did you enjoy it? Hate the cliffhanger? Hate the wait? Let me know in the comments!

—The Mad APPer—


One thought on “PopTRAPica: Chapter 2, Page 1: Backstory

  1. Popular Wolf January 17, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    Glitches CONFIRMED! I like the whole names thingy. I might use that in my story, if that’s okay with you.


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