Coming Very Soon: The Week of Incognito Horror

It’s Friday! Guess what that means? A PopTRAPica page! Wait, where is it?

Man, I have a lot on my plate. Yet, I’m about to eat it all. Starting this Monday, through Friday, it will be…


…the week of Incognito Horror! First, let me break it down with a few answers for a few questions. Look under the cut!

Q: Who’s Incognito Horror?

A: I.H is a character in my Poptropica Fanfiction, PopTRAPica. While all of the characters in PopTRAPica are villains, he actually has a plan that’s hard to foil. Dr. Hare’s plan? You sent him to space. Zeus? You beat him. However, in PopTRAPica, there is no room for heroes kid. To read my PopTRAPica pages, follow these instructions. If you’re on a computer or advanced tablet, go to the sidebar, post categories, and hit “PopTRAPica (Fanfiction)”. Same applies to mobile, but scroll down to the footer.

Q: What about your island reviews, interviews, rants, the Poptropica Blogs App, Twitter, and other Poptropica blogs?

A: Relax. I’m not overworked. One day I was just bored and happened to make ten posts for my Poptropica blogs. It’s all in drafts. Don’t worry about me. All I have to do is hit “POST”.

Q: So there will be five PopTRAPica pages for the five weekdays?

A: Yes. Nothing I.H. related on weekends. However, it’ll only be one big PopTRAPica page. The other four days will contain some other PopTRAPica related things.

Q: What’s the deal with that weird logo?

A:  The logo in this post was created by me via Logo Maker. Anyway, each one of the symbols represent something. Look below.

Monday – represented by a video game controller- You will see what Incognito Horror looks like. You’ll need to grab your computer for this.

Tuesday – represented by a newspaper – Random PopTRAPica facts

Wednesday – represented by a  ID – Random Incognito Horror facts

Thursday – represented by the first three letters of the alphabet – You’ll learn how I came up with the whole concept of Incognito Horror; including his name.

Friday – represented by a page – Finally, a PopTRAPica page that goes back in time. The journal entry that gives a bit of his backstory.

That’s all for now! Questions? Hate my Fanfiction? Love it? Let me know in the comments!

—The Mad Apper—




One thought on “Coming Very Soon: The Week of Incognito Horror

  1. Tall Cactus January 9, 2016 / 2:09 am

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait!


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