Interview: Hanging with the Meme President (UiPE)

Mad Apper in. Hey Poptropicans! Enjoying 2016 so far?

If you don’t recall, I have many segments here on The Poptropica App Blog. One of them is interviews. Last time I interviewed The Mighty Game-ini*, excuse me, Mighty Gamer. For this post, I’ll be lazy and paste exactly what he answered instead of summarizing it. Partially because one of the answers is very interesting.

This time, I’m interviewing The Memer Whose Name Must Never Be Said. Actually, it’s the Meme King. No wait, Meme President.  No, Ultimate iPad Expert. Er…UiPE. I’ll just stick with Paul. Anyway, Whats-Your-Name, for this post, the spotlight’s on you!

1. Me: “Let’s start off random. Cats or dogs?”

UiPE: “Dogs. I’ve got one myself, in fact, and she is the best. (This is her: While I choose dogs, I have nothing against cats. Especially when it comes to internet cats, although internet dogs can be just as good. Frankly, any pet is great, as long as it doesn’t hate you.”

2. Me: “Back to Poptropica. If you could make one change to Poptropica, from fixing a glitch to completely changing the software and design, what would it be?”

UiPE: “Oh man, this is a tough one. This isn’t a super main thing, but I think Poptropica should update common rooms for SUI islands. Currently, going into them, brings you to the common room, but in the old smaller screen. It’s kinda odd they have it like that, but hopefully they can fix that. :D”

3. Me: “I’m feeling wacky today, so let’s get off-topic again for this question. Is it true that you are the meme king?”

UiPE: “Ya know, meme king is a term used to describe me, but I don’t feel that it’s accurate. I’m not really for monarchy, democracy is where it’s at. So, I see myself more as the Meme President. Chosen by the people as the best.Oh wait- It’s not about monarchy? Nevermind that then. I am the meme king. The PHB is my kingdom. Bow down to the king.

The Meme King provided this picture with his answer.

4. Me: “Back to Poptropica again. I plan to ask this to everybody I interview. Favorite island?”

UiPE: “My favorite island is Mocktropica. I absolutely love when shows, movies, games (anything frankly) breaks the fourth wall (which, in case you don’t know, means for the fictional characters to acknowledge that they’re fictional in some way). These fourth wall breaks are sometimes my favorite jokes or even parts of a piece of media (show, movie, game; as mentioned). Poptropica did the fourth wall breaking in just the perfect way, also. Basically everything on that island makes for great fourth wall breaking material and it’s just a really fun island to play through in general. Everything fits together brilliantly and I respect the Creators for that. From the beginning to the end, I’d argue Mocktropica is the funniest island created by Poptropica, and even more that it is the best.”

5. Me: “What’s the worst glitch you’ve come upon in Poptropica?”
UiPE: “The worst glitch I’ve ever encountered was on Virus Hunter Island. The first time that I ever played it was way back in 2013. Since the new SUI islands were quite new at the time, they were pretty glitchy. This particular glitch took place just before the final battle inside the lung. Basically, I co uldn’t get into the lung to actually do this final battle. I ended up restarting the island and playing through to the point, but to no avail. I still couldn’t get in. I sent out a report to Poptropica hoping for a reply. However, it was just after this time that I realized I could get into the lung on my grandmother’s computer. So, I completed the island from there.”
Well, that’s all for now! Did you enjoy my running gag with forgetting Paul’s name? Have you read my first interview (go to the sidebar, go to post categories, click on “Interviews”, scroll down)? Let me know in the comments!
—The Mad Apper—
*I have a nickname for all Poptropicans I’ve interacted with. Still thinking of one for Giant Hawk and one for Popular Wolf. Any ideas? Make sure they’re not rude, and let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Interview: Hanging with the Meme President (UiPE)

  1. Mighty Gamer January 6, 2016 / 3:59 am

    Awesome interview!
    What? No nickname for me? I feel so left out! (lol, jk. :p)


  2. Popular Wolf January 6, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    You can call me P-Dubbs (Adventure Time ref) or Alpha (what my friends call me for unknown reasons -_- ). I would like to be interviewed!
    I call UiPE “Paulapeno.” He has nothin’ for me 😛
    Kewl interview, MA!

    Liked by 1 person

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