App Update: Jail Break and Winter

First-Version-Poptropica-App It’s that time of the year. No, not Christmas! It’s time for me to write about an app update. Duh.

Sorry this is late. Oh yeah, and it’s Pop App Mad Apper/Mad Apper/MA/Ian.

What’s in this app update? Does it feature an ugly Christmas sweater? Look below the cut!

Hm. What’s in this update?

#1: Escape From Pelican Rock is on mobile! “Jail Break Island” as I call it, is here! I didn’t do it! I swear! I didn’t play Poptropica! *nervous laughter*

#2: Let it snow! It’s snowing on Home Island! Plus, the characters all have festive costumes and/or are holding candy canes!

#3: Costumes! One pack is free, and the other costs a dollar! Yay! An ugly holiday sweater for my Poptropican! 😝

That’s all! Add me on Poptropica! My rarely active account username is madapper500 ! Happy Holidays from The Mad Apper!

—The Jolly M.A—


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