PopTRAPica: Chapter 1, Page 3

*gasp* It’s The Mad Apper? It’s Mad Apper? It’s M.A? It’s Ian?

Yeah, my real name is Ian. I don’t really care if you call me Ian, Mad Apper, or M.A.

So, sorry I’m late with my PopTRAPica post. Let’s just say I have a lot of drafts saved.

Are you ready for my third page of PopTRAPica? You sure? Did you read the last two pages (goo.gl/3ZAgAe)? You positive? Do you remember who Incognito Horror is? Do you remember that this is all from Dr. Hare’s point of view? If you do, look below the cut!

Oh. My. Carrot. It was I.H! He was Zeus?

“Come on!” said I.H as he walked me into a center.

“What is this place?”

“Poptrapica, of course.”

“Hm? I thought it’s Poptropica.”

“Why talk when you can eat?”

I saw the greatest thing in the world. Carrots. Hundreds of them. On a table. I should have been more cautious. Everything went dark the second I bit into one. I woke up and saw some guy. It wasn’t I.H, since this person was a little skinnier. He’s sort of hard to describe.

“Myron Van Buren”

“Dr. Hare”

“Why are you here?”


“What makes you a villain?”

“I, uh, well…”

“Who are you really? What’s behind that mask? Are you really a rabbit? What’s your lament? Why’d you join PopTRAPica?”


“Rabbits make a fine appetizer…”

“OK, I’ll tell you my lament. Just tell me where I am. Is this PopTRAPica? Can you really make me not regret my life? Can I have more carrots?”

I.H, Zeus, Van Buren, and a few people I didn’t know joined together. Zeus and the others had a plain expression, but Incognito Horror had a smile on his face. I thought he wasn’t evil. I should have known better.

Zeus said he was my partner and the others left with me. I didn’t know, and neither did the others, what I.H had in store.

—Dr. Hare—

—The Mad Apper/M.A/Ian—


3 thoughts on “PopTRAPica: Chapter 1, Page 3

  1. Popular Wolf December 13, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    Ian? I’ve always loved that name 😉
    Awesome chapter!!


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