Coming Soon: The Poptropica Blogs App

Hm, let me see here. What has two eyes, two legs, and plays Poptropica? Oh, a Mad Apper! Probably you too if you’re reading this. 😝

Do you remember when I wrote a post about the future of this blog? Well, for December, I have something planned, but this is different. As for this month, think hawk. However, there’s January. What did I say for January? The Poptropica App Blog app!

However, I’ve decided to change things up a little. Yes, there’s still going to be an app icon contest. Figure out why and what I’m changing under the cut.

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App Update: Jail Break and Winter

First-Version-Poptropica-App It’s that time of the year. No, not Christmas! It’s time for me to write about an app update. Duh.

Sorry this is late. Oh yeah, and it’s Pop App Mad Apper/Mad Apper/MA/Ian.

What’s in this app update? Does it feature an ugly Christmas sweater? Look below the cut!

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PopTRAPica: Chapter 1, Page 3

*gasp* It’s The Mad Apper? It’s Mad Apper? It’s M.A? It’s Ian?

Yeah, my real name is Ian. I don’t really care if you call me Ian, Mad Apper, or M.A.

So, sorry I’m late with my PopTRAPica post. Let’s just say I have a lot of drafts saved.

Are you ready for my third page of PopTRAPica? You sure? Did you read the last two pages ( You positive? Do you remember who Incognito Horror is? Do you remember that this is all from Dr. Hare’s point of view? If you do, look below the cut!

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Island Reviews: Galactic Hot Dogs and Timmy Failure

It’s me, The Mad Apper, the maddest app lover around. Wow, I really need to work on my intros. Also, I haven’t done these in a while, so let’s do this!

From time to time when I have time, I’ll give a one-to-three paragraph long review to express how I feel about an island. I will not review islands in any specific order. I review them in an order, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, but stay with me here.

Today I have a special. Read below the cut for my opinion on both Galactic Hot Dogs Island and Timmy Failure Island!


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