PopTRAPica: Page 1

The Mad Apper is here.

Yes, the title makes you want to read this post badly.


  1. It’s all from Dr. Hare’s point of view.
  2. It’s in the form of journal entries and dialogue.
  3. My OC, and a character in PopTRAPica, name’s Incognito Horror.
  4. I don’t write cheesy plots, OK? So none of the characters become “good guys”.

That’s it! For the first page of PopTRAPica, look under the cut!

Chapter One: The Grand Villain Comes Along; Page 1

Journal Entry #24601

At the time I was stuck in prison. So far, I’ve been humiliated, launched into space, and lost in a reality TV show. Ugh. I’ve lost my sanity over the years. Now, I’m a loser in a rabbit costume. That was, until my cellmate began to talk to me.

He put his hand out. “I go by I.H. You?”

I gave him a handshake. “Dr. Hare”

“Do you regret your life choices? Are you down in the dumps? Can’t look yourself in the mirror?,” he asked as if in an infomercial. “Then join Poptrapica!”

“What’s Poptrapica?”

“ALL of the villains are signing up! We pair you up with another villain to help each other undo your mistakes! It’s completely free! Just sign here!”

“Well,” I thought. What should I say? I’ve been abandoned, humiliated, and tortured. I hesitated. Could I trust I.H? I said, “How do I know this isn’t a prank?”

He smiled. “I used to be a villain. They called me Incognito Horror. I used to be depressed and lonely. Now, I’m an upbeat salesman!”

I didn’t have a lot of options left. My life couldn’t get worse, right? I signed the paper and shook his hand.

“Congratulations!,” said Incognito Horror as he walked away.

I thought Poptrapica would make my life better. I was so innocent at the time. I didn’t know he just made my life ten times worse.

To be continued…

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll publish page 2 next Friday!

—Incognito Horror—

—The Mad Apper—


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