Interview: Chatting with Mighty Gamer

Mad Apper in. How’s the Thanksgiving turkey?

There’s a new type of post/segment here at The Poptropica App Blog. There are island reviews, history lessons, guest posts, PopTRAPica fanfiction (this Friday), rants, and I think that’s it. Well, introducing Pop App Blog Poparazzi, better known as interviews.

It’s simple, really. I email a willing person in the Poptropica community and ask them five questions.

Well, congratulations Mighty Gamer, for this post, the spotlight’s on you! You’re being interviewed on The Poptropica App Blog!

‘Q’ is my question and ‘A’ is my summary of her answer.

Q: “Be honest. What was the first thing you thought when I asked if I could interview you?”

A: She didn’t have anything in mind specifically, but she was honored I’ve chosen her to interview.

Q: “Name your favorite and least favorite Poptropica island.”

A: Her favorite island is Astro-Knights Island because of the plot and gameplay. Her least favorite island would be Super Power Island. She thinks heroes catching villains is too overdone. She’s in for a treat with my PopTRAPica fanfiction. 😉

Q: “If you were asked to work at Poptropica, what would be the first thing you’d do after receiving the offer?”

A: Mighty Gamer replied she’d be, and I quote, “so excited I’d be calm”. After that, she’d tell everybody she works for Poptropica, even the people who don’t play it. Can’t blame her though, I’d do the same. 😝

Q: “What Poptropica blogs do you read?”

A: She reads this blog, Slippery Raptor’s Blog (, The Poptropica Help Blog (, The Poptropoica News Center (, and Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog (

Q: “What is the name of your Poptropica blog? Describe it a bit.”

A: Mighty Gamer’s blog is Explore Collect Compete! She writes about upcoming islands and even plans to rate/review them. Her blog motto is, “Work hard and rise above them all!”  The URL is ! Check it out! She’s on Twitter too.

Well, that’s it!

Do you want to be interviewed? Are you excited that tomorrow I post the first page of PopTRAPica? Do you read Explore Collect Complete?  Let me know in the comments!

Mad Apper out.

—The Mad Apper—



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