Poptrapica: Characters, Summary, and a Poll

Note from The Mad Apper: Before you even read this post, I strongly reccomend you read this one.

Me: Hey everybody!

Followers: Hey The Mad Apper!

Oh yeah, a “Simpsons” reference. “The Simpsons” is my second favorite show! My first is a tie between Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

Oh yeah, the title. Why do I keep goofing off in the intro?

So as I recently posted, every blog is cooking up something. Well, this blog is cooking up Poptrapica and it’s coming sometime next week.

Today’s post is Poptrapica: Characters, Summary, and a Poll. Find out why by looking under the cut. This is a long, text only post.

Let’s start with the main Poptrapica characters.

There’s Dr. Hare, Myron Van Buren, his assistant, Zeus, one of the forty thieves the genie Samhal, Omegon, and the twisted villain 100% from my imagination- Incognito Horror.

Next up, brief summary of the Poptrapica fanfiction/webseries.

Villains are human. Well, most of them. However, everybody regrets and laments a mistake they’ve made. Incognito Horror, a new villain on the block, was able to sign them up for his new program, Poptrapica. All of the Poptropica villains said it worked great. The program assigned villains to other villains to help one another undo their mistakes. They found love, made friends, and one even found their long lost twin! However, while the almost-former villains were hypnotized to forgive and forget, Incognito Horror was preparing his plans! How will they fight evil with evil? What adventures did they go on while they were in the Poptrapica program? What did Incognito Horror and the other villains lament? Does the adventure ever end? Why does Incognito Horror break the fourth wall? Read The Mad Apper’s Poptrapica to find out.

Like the summary? The plot gets deeper. Oh, and now’s time for the poll.

Yep, this entire post is Poptrapica related. It’s about what day I post a chapter each week. Every Friday? Every Tuesday? Take a minute and vote.

That’s all for now! Oh yeah, the sign-off! D’oh!*

—The Mad Apper—


*It’s another “Simpsons” reference. Homer Simpson’s catchphrase.


3 thoughts on “Poptrapica: Characters, Summary, and a Poll

  1. Giant Hawk November 23, 2015 / 5:42 am

    Now, I don’t blame you for this, because I haven’t gone in detail about it, but I’m planning on releasing GHA chapters on Tuesdays and on Friday. 😛

    (I’ll explain it more as we draw closer to the premier chapter of the series)

    All of that aside, though, I am interested to see where this series will go!


    • The Mad Apper November 23, 2015 / 5:49 am

      I guess I read your mind. Also, it’s offical. I’m publishing PopTRAPica chapters every Friday.


      • Giant Hawk November 23, 2015 / 5:51 am

        Cool cool. I shall have my eyes ready.

        Liked by 1 person

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