More Major Blog Changes!

It’s The Mad Apper. No, not that Mad Apper. Or that Mad Apper. You know, the dude that plays the Pop App. Has a blog. Does that seem familiar?

Haha. So, you’re probably seeing that this blog looks…different. Something’s quite not right. Is my blog glitching out? Are you losing your mind? The answer is yes, you are losing your mind. This is the regular Poptropica App Blog, and I’m about to give a review for Timmy Failure Island.

JUST KIDDING! You aren’t losing your mind. I just made some more blog changes two things. Want to know what they are? Already know what they are but just want read this post anyway? Waiting for my Timmy Failure Island Review? Too bad. Instead, read below the cut for the two main blog changes.

#1: The theme, obviously. The old theme was Minnow. This blog is now in the WordPress theme of Colinear! Mostly to make it look good on all devices, from computer, to iPad, to Android, to iPod Touch.

#2: As for widgets, this blog now has a footer! Scroll down to see the blog stats (incredible). There’s also the search engine, archive, and an email sign-up if you want to follow! It’s all in the footer!

Well, that’s all. I’m surprised by how much this blog has grown. The blog stats got me. For my next post, who knows?

—The Mad Apper—



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