PopTRAPica: Page 1

The Mad Apper is here.

Yes, the title makes you want to read this post badly.


  1. It’s all from Dr. Hare’s point of view.
  2. It’s in the form of journal entries and dialogue.
  3. My OC, and a character in PopTRAPica, name’s Incognito Horror.
  4. I don’t write cheesy plots, OK? So none of the characters become “good guys”.

That’s it! For the first page of PopTRAPica, look under the cut!

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Interview: Chatting with Mighty Gamer

Mad Apper in. How’s the Thanksgiving turkey?

There’s a new type of post/segment here at The Poptropica App Blog. There are island reviews, history lessons, guest posts, PopTRAPica fanfiction (this Friday), rants, and I think that’s it. Well, introducing Pop App Blog Poparazzi, better known as interviews.

It’s simple, really. I email a willing person in the Poptropica community and ask them five questions.

Well, congratulations Mighty Gamer, for this post, the spotlight’s on you! You’re being interviewed on The Poptropica App Blog! Continue reading

Jail Break Island Sneak Peak on Mobile

Sorry. I’m a day late on this one. You have no idea how many drafts I have saved right now.

So yeah, new update!

I will forever call Escape From Pelican Rock Island by my nickname for it, Jail Break Island.

For info, look the the cut, eh? If you need a great writer, you’ve come to the right a-guy-ee. Steven Universe reference! Seriously though, look under the cut.


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History Lesson: The Future?!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday Mad Apper! Happy birthday to me!

My birthday is basically the reason  of this post. November 24th is my birthday, so in this post let’s talk about… the future!

Settle down, students. Today we will be talking about the future. Yes, this is history class, but the future will eventually become history. *writes “the future of The Poptropica App Blog” on the board*

Let’s get this started! Let’s go to the future!

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Poptrapica: Characters, Summary, and a Poll

Note from The Mad Apper: Before you even read this post, I strongly reccomend you read this one.

Me: Hey everybody!

Followers: Hey The Mad Apper!

Oh yeah, a “Simpsons” reference. “The Simpsons” is my second favorite show! My first is a tie between Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

Oh yeah, the title. Why do I keep goofing off in the intro?

So as I recently posted, every blog is cooking up something. Well, this blog is cooking up Poptrapica and it’s coming sometime next week.

Today’s post is Poptrapica: Characters, Summary, and a Poll. Find out why by looking under the cut. This is a long, text only post.

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Coming Soon: Poptrapica!

The one and only, Mad Apper! What? You googled my pen name and there’s more than one Mad Apper? Hehe, well I’m the Pop App Mad Apper!

Oh, yeah, I’m starting a web series! I’ve been thinking. This blog has island reviews, advertisement overviews, rants, polls, guest posts and history lessons. I’ve been inspired by The Poptropica Help Blog‘s PoptropiComic and upcoming Giant Hawk Adventures. Blake’s Stupid Ninjas web series got me wondering too.

What do I have planned? I’ll list it all under the cut.

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Poptropica TV?!

Skip the intro. Let’s do this.

Mad Apper here. People like me have been wondering since the announcement… where’s Poptropica TV?!

You may be wondering, what do I know about Poptropica TV? Well. What was I going to say?…

“Gravity Falls” gif? Yep.

Where on Earth did I find Poptropica TV? I bet you’re thinking this:

You: *reads the title of this post* “Stop lying”

Mad Apper: “I’m not.”


Mad Apper: “Have a picture. Plus the hype’s not that big anyway.”

Poptropica TV- Week One

Mad Apper: “For more, as always, look under the cut.”

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Suggestion Box and A New Island!

OH MY STARS IF IT ISN’T A NEW POST?! Hehe, Steven Universe reference. Episode, “Cry For Help.” Yep, “Gravity Falls” reference last post. For this post, it’s all the SU references. Oh wait, we need to get on topic. Well, if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs. BONUS SU REFERENCE! Now let’s actually get to the topic.

The title of the last post was A Poll, An Excuse, and A Mad Apper. Today’s post is Suggestion Box and A New Island! Find out why by looking under the cut!

Prison Break Island Jail Cell (credit: poptropica.com)

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More Major Blog Changes!

It’s The Mad Apper. No, not that Mad Apper. Or that Mad Apper. You know, the dude that plays the Pop App. Has a blog. Does that seem familiar?

Haha. So, you’re probably seeing that this blog looks…different. Something’s quite not right. Is my blog glitching out? Are you losing your mind? The answer is yes, you are losing your mind. This is the regular Poptropica App Blog, and I’m about to give a review for Timmy Failure Island.

JUST KIDDING! You aren’t losing your mind. I just made some more blog changes two things. Want to know what they are? Already know what they are but just want read this post anyway? Waiting for my Timmy Failure Island Review? Too bad. Instead, read below the cut for the two main blog changes.

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