Ten Pop App Blog Facts

It’s *drumroll* the only administrator and author of this blog, The Mad Apper!

Unless you’re not familiar with me. That’s what this post is for. You see, there are more readers of this blog by the hour. When PHB author and reader of The Poptropica App Blog, slantedfish (thanks to her, by the way) mentioned me in a Poptropica Help Blog post, my ten followers became 20-30 followers. Also, this post contains things you may or may not have known, so there’s something for everybody.

To learn about me and this blog, The Poptropica App Blog, look under the cut!

Poptropica App Blog Offical Banner

I’ll mix up the things I’m sure you know with the things I’ve never told any of you and the things you have to be observant to know. Look below for the ten!

-I post only about the Poptropica App, not the online Poptropica. I don’t have a computer. Even when I do, it’ll be a work computer. So, I’m staying on the Pop App for good.

-I post every two to three days, and very rarely once a day. Get my pattern?

-The full title for this blog is “The Poptropica App Blog.” However, you can call it either “The Pop App Blog,” “The P.A.B” or “The Mad Apper’s Blog”

-My pen name, The Mad Apper, is a mashup. You see, app + lover = apper.

-I’ve experimented with around with two test Poptropicans and my main Poptropican. All three look different. The one I sign off with is my main one.

-Poptropica Help Blog authors that read my blog: slantedfishSlippery RaptorGiant Hawk, UiPE, and HPuterpop. Almost all of them had contributed to my blog. If you look through my archive, Slippery Raptor has guest posted on thie blog and interviewed me on his blog. HPuterpop and UiPE worked on a banner  (scroll up) for this blog. Slantedfish linked my blog in a PHB post, bring more readers here. Giant Hawk, if you’re reading this, you’re next. 😝

-There are six different kinds of posts on this blog. Island Reviews, Pop App Rants, History Lessons, the rare Guest Post, Update/Ad Information, and random posts like this one. I don’t offically categorize them though.

-My favorite Poptropica Island would be a tie between Mythology Island and Arabian Nights: Episode 2.

-The P.A.B  wordpress blog theme is Minnow  Colinear. If you ever start a side or main blog, try it out!

-The Pop App Blog banner isn’t seasonal. I’m sticking with it until as long as I play Poptropica. And I love Poptropica.

There you go! Ten facts about me and this blog! See ya!

—The Mad Apper—



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