Viewmaster Ad on Mobile!

Note: This ad is now inactive on my end.

Hey Poptropicans! Mad Apper here!

It’s The Mad Apper, the maddest app lover around!

Hey hey fellow Poptropicans!

You know what, forget the intro. Let’s just get started.

I was experimenting with ages on Poptropica and when one of my five test Poptropicans is ten, there’s an ad for Viewmaster! See? Also, for more information look under the cut.

Ad #2

To get the prizes, you’ll have to complete a minigame where you find all of the reels. The prizes are are a Viewmaster Power and an Explorer Costume. The costume is, well, a costume. For the Viewmaster Power, click ACTION to see a few sights. Nothing special.

Well, see ya! Guess the difference between these two test Poptropicans (Mad Appers) of mine. Guess in the comments (without looking at previous posts or my interview on Slippery Raptor’s blog)! The winner gets a steak dinner…er…a “congratulations!” Oh wait, it’s obvious! 😝 Feeling silly today.

—The Mad Apper—



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