History Lesson: The Pop App Over Time

First-Version-Poptropica-App Hey fellow Poptropicans! It’s The Mad Apper! Who’d you expect, Slippery Raptor?

Anyway, there are different types of posts on this blog. There are occasional posts about updates, rants, island reviews, and the rare guest posts. Introducing the newest type of post on this blog, something I like to call Poptropica history lessons.

*writes “POPTROPICA APP GROWTH” on chalkboard* Let’s get started! Today’s lesson is about the growth of the Poptropica App over time.

Let’s start at the start. The Poptropica App started out as an app nobody really cared about. People were all over the online Poptropica. However, people started to like it when it got a major update with Shrink Ray Island, and it started to lag less.

Things really got interesting when for Halloween, they added free costumes (they’re still there) just because. “They actually care about that thing!”

A while after, they continued to release updates with WAY more content. They started releasing new released islands on the app sometime after they got on the site. Timmy Failure is a good example of this.

Recently, they released more stuff for the shop like “free app-clusive costumes.” Now, most off the shop items cost $0.99.

To end this lesson, the Poptropica App is getting better with each update. Lesson over. Get to your next class.

“The Online Poptropica is just a fad that will die out in 30 more years. Apps are the future!”

-Jokingly quoted by The Mad Apper 😝

—The Mad Apper—



2 thoughts on “History Lesson: The Pop App Over Time

  1. FairyTale November 14, 2015 / 6:26 am

    But I’m sure The online poptropica will never fade away just like the app version. 🙂


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