Guest Post: Wait…what?!

Note from The Mad Apper: To celebrate ten posts on this blog, the eleventh is a guest post from Slippery Raptor (for one time only) about how HE feels about the Poptropica App! Take it, Slip! 😀

I know, I know. How did I get here?


Hey, guys! Slip here. Yes, I’m here; taking over the Poptropica App Blog—just kidding!

Today, I would be giving a review on the Poptropica app and it won’t take a while. Let’s go!

First of all, the app is really good. In terms of the gameplay, it is really good as the online version of the game.


First of all, let’s talk about the Hub Island/Home, which originally came from the app. Hub Island was made so well and the rooms were fully detailed. I’m also surprised with a tutorial! One of my favorite buildings in Hub Island is the Arcade. I like how the Creators made it like a real arcade—complete with ball pits, arcade cabinets, and a dance revolution featuring Bucket-bot! Also, the store and its contents are worth adding to the online Poptropica.

Second, the new log-in system in the app is one of the best. When you create a new character, you are asked your age and if your age is not in the list, you can enter your age—any age you want! More on the log-in system, the downside is that you cannot — like the one on the web. You can change only the color, the player and the name but not the hairstyle or the facial expression. Another downside is that you can only create 6 characters in the app. Well, my sister liked it so much she created too many accounts! Now, I can’t make a character because she gets angry when I overwrite one. 😦

Last but never the least, I like how Poptropica added some features like the action button for the things that the space bar is used online. The islands also are really nice, but I just don’t like how it resets the downloaded island after each update. The arcade also lags when I am playing games which sometimes crashes the game. Although, these bugs still don’t matter and I’m happy the app still strives to make Poptropica available and accessible to everyone online or offline. 

Overall, the Poptropica app is dedicatedly and effortfully made by the Poptropica Creators. I hope that they would still continue to make players—online or mobile—feel that Poptropica is always awesome! Kudos to the team!

That’s all for my review. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for The Mad Apper for letting me contribute here.

-Slippery 😀


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