Note from The Mad Apper: I’ll make this quick. Just to let you know, I updated this post.

Hey hey fellow Poptropicans!

For the tenth post ever on this blog, let me just say, this blog is growing by the hour. Today, and a few days ago, I changed a few things about this blog. One is fairly obvious, the other two not many notice.

This post is sort of long, so learn about the three blog changes under the cut.

#3: I added a “FOLLOW ME” button on the sidebar. Not much of a big deal, but I check each day, and different people come to follow me. I added this a few days ago. Also, about two weeks ago, I added the archive to the sidebar.

#2: I made the blog title a bit shorter. Instead of Poptropica App Blog: Facts & Opinions, it’s simply The Poptropica App Blog. Seriously, name one other Poptropica Blog that blogs ONLY about the app.

#1: The major change. This blog now has a banner! Like what you see? Scroll up!

Poptropica App Blog Offical Banner

Huge thanks to HPuterpop for making it. Also a huge thanks to UiPE for helping him a bit. Without them, this would be my banner (or is it a logo?):

Lousy Poptropica App Logo (Just for Laughs)

Haha. Just joking. That’s logo’s for laughs. But seriously, huge thanks to them for making the blog banner!

Well, that’s all for now!

—The Mad Apper—



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