App Update: Timmy Failure and More!

poptropica_app_update_2  Hey there, fellow Poptropicans! It’s The Mad Apper, who else? Sorry, I’m a lil’ late on this one. In my defense, well, school.

So, the Poptropica App received an update! It includes Timmy Failure Island, some $0.99 costumes, and more!

Most of the information you’ll need is in this postFor now, us iOS and Android owners will have to wait. It’s out on all Poptropica devices! For information about this update, look below the cut.

One major update is that you can upload your look from the app! It’s not a big deal for me, since I don’t play the online Poptropica, but people are really excited about this. People have waited and waited for this. People put a lot of work into their Poptropican’s look, and now it can come onto the app!

The one I’m really excited about? You can download Timmy Failure Island! I’m working on it, and I promise I’ll have a review for it (I’ll put it together with Galactic Hot Dogs, since they’re both commercial islands) by next week, or by Friday if I have spare time.

One last thing: Fall Fashion! There’s $0.99 costumes in the store! I’m not interested, but if you want a snazzy costume I’m just letting you know they’re there.

Well, that’s all for this update! Are you working on Timmy Failure Island because you beat all of the other islands on the Poptropica App too? Let me know in the comments!

—The Mad Apper—



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