Island Review: Shrink Ray

It is I, The Mad Apper! You know me, right? It’s best you scroll down and read my first few posts if you don’t.

From time to time when I have time, I’ll give a single-paragraph review where I’ll sum up how I feel about an island. I’ll do these reviews whenever I feel like it. I will not choose islands to review in any specific order. Okay, I do have a specific order, but you’ll have to figure out my pattern for yourself!

Anyway, read below the cut to hear my opinion about Shrink Ray Island!


This island was a challenge. Especially getting the torn page out of the trash and hiding from Mr. Silva with his ray gun. Overall, I’d say a pretty good plot. Nothing on this island seemed glitchy to me, there was a good plot, and overall, a great island. This isn’t my favorite island, but it has a good plot and a good challenge.

Grade: A (not an A- or an A+; just an A)

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll probably post tommorow or the next day, but I’m going to hold on these island reviews for at least a week. Let me know what YOU think of Shrink Ray Island in the comments! I love like hearing people’s opinions! 😀

—The Mad Apper—



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