Poptropica Comics Ad on Mobile!

Note: This ad is now inactive.

Hey guys and gals! Obviously, it’s me, The Mad Apper. I’m not sure about the website, but there’s an ad on mobile! It’s for Poptropica Comics! I found it on Hub Island/Home Island. Click below for a brief summary of this ad I found.


You start off finding the ad and being greeted by a scarecrow. Inside, you stumble upon the Poptropica Comics duo and some Wizard of Oz characters.

You have to get on the broom with the duo and dodge instruments, food, and more! Do it successfully so you’ll earn a Banana Peel* and a Flying Monkey Costume! 

That’s all for this ad! Did you like the ad? Did you like this post? Both? Neither? Let me know in the comments!** The_Mad_Apper_Without_Device

—The Mad Apper—

*press ACTION for a surprise; it was sort of glitchy on my end, but maybe the banana peel works on yours!

**No, I don’t work for Poptropica, but I do like hearing people’s opinions 😀


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