Special Rant: Holidays and Glitches


The Mad Apper here. Happy Halloween (if you don’t celebrate Halloween, then happy regular day)!

For Halloween 2015, time to rant. Wait…what?! Yep. Ranting time. Don’t worry, it’s about the holidays.

So enjoy my rant, it’s called Special Rant: Holidays & Glitches. Click below to read it!


P.S That pic above is my favorite costume.

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Ten Pop App Blog Facts

It’s *drumroll* the only administrator and author of this blog, The Mad Apper!

Unless you’re not familiar with me. That’s what this post is for. You see, there are more readers of this blog by the hour. When PHB author and reader of The Poptropica App Blog, slantedfish (thanks to her, by the way) mentioned me in a Poptropica Help Blog post, my ten followers became 20-30 followers. Also, this post contains things you may or may not have known, so there’s something for everybody.

To learn about me and this blog, The Poptropica App Blog, look under the cut!

Poptropica App Blog Offical Banner

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Viewmaster Ad on Mobile!

Note: This ad is now inactive on my end.

Hey Poptropicans! Mad Apper here!

It’s The Mad Apper, the maddest app lover around!

Hey hey fellow Poptropicans!

You know what, forget the intro. Let’s just get started.

I was experimenting with ages on Poptropica and when one of my five test Poptropicans is ten, there’s an ad for Viewmaster! See? Also, for more information look under the cut.

Ad #2

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History Lesson: The Pop App Over Time

First-Version-Poptropica-App Hey fellow Poptropicans! It’s The Mad Apper! Who’d you expect, Slippery Raptor?

Anyway, there are different types of posts on this blog. There are occasional posts about updates, rants, island reviews, and the rare guest posts. Introducing the newest type of post on this blog, something I like to call Poptropica history lessons.

*writes “POPTROPICA APP GROWTH” on chalkboard* Let’s get started! Today’s lesson is about the growth of the Poptropica App over time.
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Guest Post: Wait…what?!

Note from The Mad Apper: To celebrate ten posts on this blog, the eleventh is a guest post from Slippery Raptor (for one time only) about how HE feels about the Poptropica App! Take it, Slip! 😀

I know, I know. How did I get here?


Hey, guys! Slip here. Yes, I’m here; taking over the Poptropica App Blog—just kidding!

Today, I would be giving a review on the Poptropica app and it won’t take a while. Let’s go!

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Note from The Mad Apper: I’ll make this quick. Just to let you know, I updated this post.

Hey hey fellow Poptropicans!

For the tenth post ever on this blog, let me just say, this blog is growing by the hour. Today, and a few days ago, I changed a few things about this blog. One is fairly obvious, the other two not many notice.

This post is sort of long, so learn about the three blog changes under the cut.

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Island Review: PoptropiCon

Note from The Mad Apper: Since I have a lot more reviews, updates, and rants to write, I decided to publish this now to get it out of the way. Just so you know, my next review will probably be for Galactic Hot Dogs Island or Timmy Failure Island.

Howdy fellow Poptropicans!

From time to time when I have time, I’ll give a one-paragraph (more if necessary) review where I’ll sum up how I feel about an island. I review islands in a specific order, but I doubt you’ll figure it out. Okay, my order is not that hard.

Anyway, read below the cut for my opinion on all three episodes of PoptropiCon.


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App Update: Timmy Failure and More!

poptropica_app_update_2  Hey there, fellow Poptropicans! It’s The Mad Apper, who else? Sorry, I’m a lil’ late on this one. In my defense, well, school.

So, the Poptropica App received an update! It includes Timmy Failure Island, some $0.99 costumes, and more!

Most of the information you’ll need is in this postFor now, us iOS and Android owners will have to wait. It’s out on all Poptropica devices! For information about this update, look below the cut.

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Island Review: Shrink Ray

It is I, The Mad Apper! You know me, right? It’s best you scroll down and read my first few posts if you don’t.

From time to time when I have time, I’ll give a single-paragraph review where I’ll sum up how I feel about an island. I’ll do these reviews whenever I feel like it. I will not choose islands to review in any specific order. Okay, I do have a specific order, but you’ll have to figure out my pattern for yourself!

Anyway, read below the cut to hear my opinion about Shrink Ray Island!

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Rant: What I Want to Come to the App

Before I begin to rant, let me give a shoutout to Slippery Raptor. He interviewed me on his blog, so there are probably more of you viewers then there were before. Let me just say, thanks Slip (In case you haven’t already seen it, you can also check out the interview right here)!

It is I, The Mad Apper. Who else? I’m the only administrator and author. For my sixth ever post, I’ve decided to rant and let it all out.

I’m getting ticked off. The Poptropica App is the only way for me to play Poptropica (I don’t have a computer). Yet, they act like they give the app-only players so much, when they give so little content. I have completed all islands on the Poptropica App. Now what? I feel like their offices look like this:


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