About Me, The Mad Apper

Mad Apper here! Let’s take an intermission from my series of app update reports and reviews and let me tell you a bit about me. I already have a post about the reason I made this blog and I’ve started a series of Poptropica App Island Reviews (PAIR for short). I’ve decided for my third post to write a bit about me. Learn about me and my Poptropica history under the cut.


Pen Name: The Mad Apper

My Poptropica Blog: It’s the blog you’re on right now!

History with Poptropica: I discovered Poptropica sometime in late 2014. However, I learned about the Poptropica blogs and community sometime in        July 2015. I often read the Poptropica Help Blog and occasionally Slippery Raptor’s Blog. Also, I first thought about making a Poptropica blog just a week ago, September 2015! I play only on the Poptropica App, but I still love Poptropica!

That’s all! I’ll probably have a new post this Friday, unless an update comes along or I redo an island and decide to give a review. Feel free to ask questions to tell others about your history in the comments!

—The Mad Apper—


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