Island Review: Mystery of the Map

Howdy! It’s me, The Mad Apper.

From time to time when I have time, I’ll give a single-paragraph review where I’ll sum up how I feel about the island.

I’ll do these reviews whenever I feel like it. I will not choose islands to review in any specific order.

Read below the cut to read my opinion about Mystery of the Map Island.


I’d give this island a B. It starts off as a bit of a “fetch” quest until you get to the barracks. At the barracks, you fetch a few more things, then you rescue the Poptropica Comics Trio! It was hard for me to dodge the rocks, and it was a bit glitchy for me, but this island has an adventurous touch. This would be my second favorite island!

Feel free to tell me how you feel about this island in the comments. Also, there will be more random island reviews on the way unless I decide to start a thread or an app update (or appdate) comes along and I’ll post to let you know.

—The Mad Apper—



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